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charmed by snow
black against the sky
sundered from the mist you dance 
white upon the world
the sakura tree stands frozen
its branches dearly coated
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 5 0
second coming
no one expected
your showers of white breath now 
falling to the West
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 4 0
soft but desperate
snow shocks the cherry blossoms 
seasons are clashing 
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 5 0
don't get confused now
nothing is certain until
it becomes something
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 7 2
MY ONLY PLEASURE by Ladnavar MY ONLY PLEASURE :iconladnavar:Ladnavar 5 3
SOB V: Dream - Use/Need - Vair
         ! we are the living dreams of our forefathers, that’s what we are
    and even if the night is clouded, and you can’t see but a star         
   stand tall ! be proud that you, a dream, have come this far                   
  and dream so that the rest of days shine starry and live brighter                        
you realise this can be used, and you realise it is not necessary 
without it you might find one better, with it you can be satisfied
you realise you can do much better, but can not find a need to
well know the need is all you need, and it is all inside you
we can be cruel
from killing ourselves
to easily killing insects
to ruthlessly killing animals
to mindlessly killing other people
it is all the same cruelty, not a person can escape it 
this darkness is
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 3 3
-losing you-
if I don't forget
I will need to move forward
and to move forward without you
would be to bleed oceans
of abyssal distance between us
if this fate is unavoidable
I might as well just slowly end it all
let the stars dim within my eyes
evaporate from my shrivelling skin
and return to the cosmos
but no one really wants that
please say so, save me
without you to tell me the world
there is nothing
to pull me back from aphelion
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 7 2
~life hymning~
we operate to the words of the sky
an outcry for it. do fly 

into and through the branches of the earth
we now home upon

we operate to the words of the sky
as it breathes awake, we reply
we ask for you to hurry. show us

where might we go this wondrous dawn

we operate to the words of the sky
so soon we will become its eye
your light will complete our calibration 

take us to the next stage of this ritual

we operate to the words of the sky
of all days, none will be more high
we will prove ourselves the most

and earn a home closer to you
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 6 2
Sir Koal  by Ladnavar Sir Koal :iconladnavar:Ladnavar 4 0
Fated Red String / Over The Mountain
people fear
that they will grow apart
that they must be together with others
or they will be forgotten
and yes, time flows by
stronger. maybe faster
and yet, there is no reason for worry
if you want to see something, close your eyes and you will
it is always there
connected them, connecting us
this world will grow
and those hills will become mountains
but we are not men
we are not old or young
the distance between us will easily, it will soon
all you have to do is look forward
one day, then another, then a third
that will be the charm
that breaks, or fixes
something important
when you run out of time, you will know it
so why worry? while you can travel you shall
and there is no question to that
just like there is no answer to the pain
that lies within
or to the countless inescapables
that we can, and will, overcome
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 9 2
-play your role-
the climax is upon us!
though to be honest, most of the audience knows how this will end
                         -and the rest would not accept a bad ending-
all that matters is we understand
                                                  -a simple fact-
The Climax Is Upon Us!!
once more it has been brought forth, like a storm
                                                                           -our tensions high-
as one thing brings the next
and dread! a danger, underlines it all
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 8 7
After Death: A Meditation
think of yourself dead
in a state where you can never return to your body
which you hold such feelings, such attachment for..
imagine looking down at that body, which was once yours
and worked hard for you
now peacefully demised..
it lies in a forest
can you see? nature is slowly discovering your body
plants grow brushing against it
insects and animals see, smell and feel it
at first
they recognise it as something new
but soon, for them it becomes part of the forest
and as part of everything, what was once you now provides nourishment
life explores your body, inside out.
almost as if it knows you have no use for it, it starts to recycle it. 
skin, meat and nerves are cleaned away,
even the bones require to be washed
clean off any and all organic matter.
now all that is left, embraced in new elements
brightly stretching above the blades
of green oceans, beneath the glades
of emerald clouds —
an amusement park of bone
rich in lost history.
in this world, no one cares
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 11 2
this force goes both ways
believe it or don't — the same
polar energy
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 11 8
Spring is coming~
Summer's juicy crop
dried and carried by Autumn
over the mountain
Winter gently, slowly hugs
lulling lonely roads goodbye
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 9 2
after forever
you love me more
than I could ever love myself
maybe that is why I trust you so
drifting away ontop your winds
sinking back, deeper into your abyss
this body disintegrates  
like dying snow 
blinding to look at
I wither
through half-closed eyes
and fall
deeper into us

night melts out the day
forgotten dreams caress me —
phantoms of the self
you loved me more than I needed
more than I could have deserved
so I did not blame you for my fate
and to your bosom I would return
reborn an angel, I decided that
I would decide so
as my countless inoperable particles
collided within god's eye
and squirted out a tear of fire
cometing back home —

to return in such a haste
that water turns oil!
my Eden;
my Foil..
my Everything.

someday will it reach you?
and will it be deserving..?
for you to accept what's lef
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 5 2
SP (H): moonlit promise
i might still be young
but i will grow to embrace
the whole of your sky!
one day soon, dear little one
I will cradle you with stars~
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 6 21


I have never critiqued before (i believe), and maybe starting with a Haiku is too ambitious, but I will do my best. line 1: EXPOSITION....

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The Dragon and the Dying Stars
Once upon a time, in a world far distant, the night sky grew dark. Slowly, at first, the stars grew dim. The king’s philosophers at first thought that this was nothing more than the action of passing aeons, and that more would burn anew. But ere long their numbers dwindled, and the naked eye saw plainly what no telescope could: the stars were consumed.
     Troubled, the king sent out his greatest knight upon a steed of chrome. Agravane was that knight’s name, and in his hand he bore a sword born of a dying star. Never would that blade break, and never would its edge grow dull. For many weeks Agravane rode through the void, and for as many weeks the king watched through the seeing-stone that stood before his throne.
    At last, Agravane found his foe, and the king at last saw who it was who plucked the stars from the aether like grapes from the vine.
    It was a dragon, vast as his kingdom and black as the void.
:icondamonwakes:DamonWakes 74 46
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336 Nice Ways to Compliment
1. Amazing
2. Awesome
3. Adorable
4. Athletic
5. Artistic
6. Accepting
7. Appreciative
8. Affectionate
9. Admirable
10. Adventurous
11. Accurate
12. Attentive
13. Authentic
14. Aspiring
15. Adoring
16. Agile
17. Astounding
18. Accomplished
19. Alive
20. Active
21. Animated
22. Astonishing
23. Ambitious
24. Beautiful
25. Brave
26. Brilliant
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53. Communal
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59. Conservative
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62. Constructive
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64. Cordial
65. Committed
66. Consistent
67. Compassionate
68. Collaborative
69. Comical
70. Dependable
71. Determined
72. Diligent
73. Dedicated
74. Daring
75. Dreamy
76. Dashing
77. D
:iconhazel-almonds:Hazel-Almonds 81 5
Striders of Vvardenfell by ErikShoemaker Striders of Vvardenfell :iconerikshoemaker:ErikShoemaker 11,217 959


black against the sky
sundered from the mist you dance 
white upon the world

the sakura tree stands frozen
its branches dearly coated
no one expected
your showers of white breath now 
falling to the West

second coming
and through my eyelids,
melting to cold tears.

will this sadness aid me,

or am I just foolish beyond compare?

what are you trying to tell me,
with your resilience?

I'm sure it's something I already know,
but for some reason I'm dying to hear it..
430 deviations
  • Drinking: Darjeeling
'couple of days back I returned home, sat on my throne, and saw a lil mousy looking at me from the carpet floor.! it darted away, and since then I haven't seen nor heart anything out of the ordinary.. still, I have been kicking my floor, hissing, and making weird sounds more than usual! could I have imagined it...? a few months back I had another resident in my room, who at first I thought was a mouse but ended up being a wolf spider!! of course I took care of him, and his lost brother, but then a third one appeared which I wasn't able to defeat..

the third godzilla spider appeared
to get revenge for its brethren I pressume
and my chicken breasts are lactating

this world is fucking perfect...

something I wrote after those events..
speaking of eventful spans of time, this summer was very special for me. I always used to be the anti-social introverted one, in comparison with my brothers, but I became the only one out of us who went on a successful date..! hehe~ I also had actual driving lessons, and was involved in a minor car accident!.. and last but not least, during a wonderful roadtrip to one of the best seas in Greece, I got the chance to experience a pretty full-course of the criminal system! for the first time in my life I felt the cold weight of handcuffs on my hand, slept behind bars, and even went to court Manaka Surprised Icon?!?! ~but then spent the next day writing and drinking poetry, partying, and meeting people on a random beach!! 

I'm gonna spare you from more of my thoughts or details on the aforementioned events, as the last thing I want to do is make is sense, but the first thing I wrote on my #firstdayout was this: if you would ! I have donated this poem to Julius Meinl, but the picture alone remains! plus it is also the last one I uploaded before returning to the UK, and becoming gradually more active on DA!!

lastly, and most importantly,
I want to thank you~ my sweet watchers, for following my whimsical thoughts and uploads!! I can hardly believe I have 124 followers...!!! I appreciate every single one of ya'll <3 
maybe that is why I made this journal, and decided to actually speak about my life (which I rarely do lol)

I will be getting less active eventually, but since I love DA I am not afraid of that~ hope you are all okay, and feel free to leave any thoughts or questions bellow! (my replies might not provide much sense though Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2]) <£:3>


Ladnavar's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
I AM A WRITER - A CREATOR - A HUMAN - AN ARTIST! and most of all (on DA)
I AM A POET - bathed in the red of Julius Meinl¬!~!!
but what is a poetry, Zak? you may ask (how do you know my name? I removed that from DA!)
and I'm not sure I know, my friend.. even tho I wrote a whole journal 'bout it ~
Fifth Journal: A New Land - The Poetic. what is a poem
? something made of words
? something that rhymes
, that meaning herds
? together for a greater cause
? if there was ever such a thing
..but really
, what is a poem
? what is the poetic
? maybe something above
- something greater
- than life
..a story
. an illusion
. and yet the only truth
. a vision
. and anything can become a vision
! an experience can be shared
! a hope
, that we can become one
; if for only a moment
, in this ever
-changing world
! that doesn't make a single sense
~that doesn't last 
, if not cradled in words
- embraced by meaning
. drowned inside it's own flesh
, and bone
, and words
, like birds
, together reach
; a new land
! and not each his own
!!but one uncharted
, where alone
, no one can see 
- can find
- set foot upon
; but through a poem
, just maybe
! poems
. the poetic
, is a vessel
! a dream
; given form
, to carry the weary traveller across the styx
! and getting back is easy
, just like waking up
! b

BUT YESH, moving beyond that self-advertising, Greet-lingS~ to you, oh fellow artist and oh work of art-! he he he he~

youa r ewelcom eher e

t a l k w i t h m e w i l l y o u ? a l s o c h e c k o u t t h e s e l i n k s and o f cou rse ha ve anice d a y : 3

(more self-advertising;~)




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