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i fear it true
we two are on a bed of hay
i don't know what to say
the wind comes to the rescue
and my mind is blown away
my seeds my dust my nothing
all the cosmos overlay
forever is heavy a word
i'd use it for today
our hands are linked
our lines combine
our hearts are synched
our weights
our fates
our time
it all feels mine
to give to you
for I'm in love
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 8 5
my every core
It seems I'm sore
From all the yesterdays I saw
From all your weight; cogs yolks and more things raw
That break like flood around my core
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 8 1
To receive the dead and the unborn
To meditate on what can but will not be
To actually see something for what it is
To break slowly under the weight of the world
To laugh sorely at your own forgotten jokes
To remember just for the sake of remembering
To lose sight of what you held for a single moment
To write and write and write and write until you can't
To watch your scars become dead skin and flake away
To wear your name on the inside and your story on the out
To keep walking until you realise you can't see or feel anything else
That is why
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 8 0
I'll leave it up to you
All the mournful realisations
All the pain I could have garnered away
I'll now leave alone
You may be
As you would
If you hadn't met me
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 10 2
you have the right to enjoy this,
as I would see fit; &as you truly wish-
one day you will return, but until then..
until then, you better keep on walking! it's easy-
just place one foot above the other. just take one more step,
&worry not about what's left behind, for blame, if there is love for such a thing-
is to be shared, like all and any things made value: realisations,
conceptualisations, even your own flesh and oth' possessions! truly-
now, is the time to be; &here, is the space from which to anysee! both forth,
&back; both even else! as the magnetic directions that pull & compass us, all-
you need, you crave, you seethe and breathe! ..just close your eyes and feel it writhe-
around & round & ound 7. und XII nd an d- dissolving here into a moment of complete and utter 
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 10 0
I won't forget you by Ladnavar I won't forget you :iconladnavar:Ladnavar 7 6
SP(q): Ra I
We live and we die,
if just to reply
to the whims-
The Whims!
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 8 0
but it doesn't really matter, right?
what is wisdom if not unattachment 
what is wisdom if not arrogance
what is wisdom if not
stop it. stop idealising sadness..
stop idealising the devil, and god too!
just stop it... please, I don't think I can
catch up
I don't think I know
your precious heart
what it means
to me
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 10 5
Again (given [you] up)
I don't know
And I don't care to know
Though once I did
And I was proud
Of just how low
I Fell
I don't know
I don't remember
If I was high or sober
If I was empty or full
But there was something there
Between us two
I Fall
Away from you
Beyond us three
There is no other
Thing to see
Call my name
If ever you awake
And I will throw it all away
I Will
Away from you
I'll cry
That feeling I will try
To resurrect
&Or/ trying
Die. as all
It seems
I Have
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 7 0
Thunder through the Eyes
I can do nothing
Continuously gushing forth
It will not stop
And the blood's still flowing out
And I haven't slept all night
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 13 2
dearly so
I won't be surprised
I'll cry for all the tears I lost
the tears I loved
the tears I forced
life always comes at a cost
I won't be surprised
by your unpredictable beauty
and misunderstood cruelty
after all
life always comes at at a cost
and that cost is not something
for anyone but you
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 12 0
Scribblious Mysteries 1 by Ladnavar Scribblious Mysteries 1 :iconladnavar:Ladnavar 12 11
even though I really really want to
The Sun might not be clear-cut
In an empty sky
But it is telling me to not give uP
Not say goodbye
The things I have might not be many
As the things I don't
But all they are what I deserve
So I can't cry
I won't
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 19 8
of all that's true
There is a part of me
that wants to be of you
And there's a part of you I fear,
or think I do
As there's a part of home
that moons will always home
A shard of love edged deep within
a heart within the womb
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 22 5
APOM^2 #2 by Ladnavar APOM^2 #2 :iconladnavar:Ladnavar 14 2
sp (N): another
Lazy Saturday
how hard to get out of bed
&into your clothes
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 13 8


you want a Haiku or smt?
give me a subject, or scene, and I'll give you a Haiku. maybe you want something to write on your wall, or read at your funeral - I mean, wedding. don't people do that? read Haikus at weddings? well I say they should, and they should buy those Haiku from yours truly (I mean me, everyone should buy their wedding Haikus from me, and no one else - thank you)

50 P - for any Haiku (or Tanka)

100 P - for a picture Haiku (I've only done one ever, so don't recommend)

send me a note to talk about details~ :TipOfTheHat: 


I have never critiqued before (i believe), and maybe starting with a Haiku is too ambitious, but I will do my best. line 1: EXPOSITION....

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My last Good-Night wish
"Do you think I can survive this night?"
Her eyes asked mine, in a weary tone
"of course, you will" I reassured.
She did survive, But she did so
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Ladnavar's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
we are always looking for things, and those things lie usually before our very eyes. well.. more accurately, the things we seek rest usually BEHIND our eyes! things like moods and perspectives, feelings and realisations, created from chains of synapses inside our chemical factories (a.k.a. brains). If you find something you sought through my work, I will be extremely happy~ and you sharing your experience with me, might just be what I seek!
come, dear visitor! step deeper into my rabbit hole...

who am I?.. (you ask hard question :'~)
I AMUA POET - bathed in the red of Julius Meinl¬!~!! !

<;3Ɛ;> ~ £:<:3

but what is a poetry, Zaks? you may ask (how do you know my name? I removed that from DA!)
and I'm not sure I know, my friend.. even tho I wrote a whole journal 'bout it ~
<q> Fifth Journal: A New Land - The Poetic. what is a poem
? something made of words
? something that rhymes
, that meaning herds
? together for a greater cause
? if there was ever such a thing
..but really
, what is a poem
? what is the poetic
? maybe something above
- something greater
- than life
..a story
. an illusion
. and yet the only truth
. a vision
. and anything can become a vision
! an experience can be shared
! a hope
, that we can become one
; if for only a moment
, in this ever
-changing world
! that doesn't make a single sense
~that doesn't last 
, if not cradled in words
- embraced by meaning
. drowned inside it's own flesh
, and bone
, and words
, like birds
, together reach
; a new land
! and not each his own
!!but one uncharted
, where alone
, no one can see 
- can find
- set foot upon
; but through a poem
, just maybe
! poems
. the poetic
, is a vessel
! a dream
; given form
, to carry the weary traveller across the styx
! and getting back is easy
, just like waking up
! b</q>

BUT YESH, moving beyond that self-advertising (@$ ifs there is anything else in this world_), Greet-lingS~ to you, oh fellow artist and oh work of art-! he he he he~

youa r ewelcom eher e

t a l k w i t h m e w i l l y o u ? a l s o c h e c k o u t t h e s e l i n k s and o f cou rse ha ve anice d a y : 3

!(!!more self-advertising;~!)
the title says it all!!
by the time I noticed it was National Poetry month, and everyone was uploading daily poems, I was also in daily-uploadation mode; I was also little more than a month away from my university deadlines (which are still steadily approaching, inching closer by the day...). I still took the chance to jump on this train, and started writing and uploading daily, sometimes two works in a day! ..and somehow, I managed to complete all 30 works!! here are they:

(you don't have to read all these, just enjoy the titles and if one catches your interests, please check it out ;~)

week 1:
Esme ~ in a world of Agape
Economic Philosophia
unschemable success
Focus - not ever
butterfly man

week 2:
read this, and tell me
How Extra..
f u n * g ra ph ic war ni n g *
*PDF* I wrote in silence for ten minutes
liquefying vessels in a worldpool
what would you have me do today?

week 3:
off he goes - beyond horror
the centre of everything
SP (=) Short Poem
if that is what I want
- b e a t -

week 4:
C re s ce n t Me m o r i e sD r o w ne d .
PrOmPtMe 1
I almost stopped my hands
1. one-way ticket

last two:
Blurry Sky
it is the garden

I would take the chance to share some of my extra works here, but I think this journal has seriously link-overloaded..!!
instead, let me inform you that I plan to return to writing poetry soon..! I would really like to start uploading daily again, as it helps me realise a lot of things about a lot of things :D

have a great day, and stay artistic~ :heart:


863 deviations
we two are on a bed of hay
i don't know what to say
the wind comes to the rescue
and my mind is blown away
my seeds my dust my nothing
all the cosmos overlay
forever is heavy a word
i'd use it for today
our hands are linked
our lines combine
our hearts are synched
our weights
our fates
our time
it all feels mine
to give to you

for I'm in love
i fear it true
I never knew
not much of all
and this is straight out of my core
listen, let me say:
forever here
with you I'll stay
It seems I'm sore
From all the yesterdays I saw
From all your weight; cogs yolks and more things raw
That break like flood around my core
my every core
and this is only level 1




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